RBG Revolution
The people need to decide.



Why RBGRevolution.com

RBGRevolution.com is a combined effort by affiliates of the ProgressNow network to turn our collective mourning over the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg into a revolution. We will call, email, text, organize, register voters to honor her memory. Are you with us?


The people need to decide.


The people need to decide. The next president must nominate Justice Ginsburg’s replacement after the people have spoken. We are just weeks away from Election Day, votes are already being cast for who will nominate the new Supreme Court Justice. Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the inauguration.

Our lives are on the line. The next Supreme Court Justice could be the deciding vote on protecting healthcare access, keeping abortion legal, our right to vote, human rights, and so much more. Giving Donald Trump another appointment to the Supreme Court could end our rights for an entire generation. We must stop him.

Her dying wish. Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for progressive values and decency her entire life. She was respected by members on both sides of the aisle. With some of her last breaths, she said, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” We should honor Ginsburg’s legacy by abiding by her dying wish, and no nominee should receive a vote until after the inauguration.



The Time To Act Is Now

  1. Contact your Senators. Call, email, tweet at them if you can. Tell them it’s up to the people to decide who will make the next Supreme Court appointment, and under no circumstance should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the inauguration.

  2. Register to vote, and vote! If you think you’re registered, double check. If you think you know the rules around early voting, voting by mail, double check. This is not the election to take a chance: https://www.vote.org

  3. Find your Five. Find 5 people to remind to vote, and every time you check your registration, or the rules, remind them. Tell them every single week, then every single day until election season is over. Having a friend or family member remind you personally is far more effective than any ad or campaign pitch.

  4. Host an Event. We need event hosts all across this country, to show the momentum behind the #RBGRevolution. Rallies, press conferences, letter or postcard writing parties (virtually or at a safe social distance) can be submitted here and listed on our site.


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